Friday, 22 March 2013

We Are So Picky!

Names, names, names....picking one is so hard and we are so picky. With Claire we talked names throughout my entire pregnancy we never had more than a short list. Then when I unexpectedly went into labor early we had to decide on a name. Which was about 20 minutes before she born. So here we are again trying to find the right now, and its proving to be just as difficult.

We love the name Elle but are struggling to find a middle name that works. Any suggestions? We also like Genevieve and Hannah. Thinking we like Hannah Elizabeth and not sure on a middle name for Genevieve. And finally we love Eva Charlotte. Though we would use the German/Swiss pronunciation of Eh-Va not Eee-Va. So which do you like? Any suggestions?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Claire's Big Girl Bedding

I have always planned on transitioning Claire into a big girl bed sooner rather than later. I think these days most parents wait to long to transition simply because they don't want to deal with the initial frustration of the transition i.e. possibly having to put them back in bed. With the new baby coming its given me added motivation to transition Claire. I am not buying a second crib when I already have one and I already have a bed for Claire. So in April or May we will transition Claire into her new queen sized big girl bed. I think naps will be harder than actually going to bed. For all sleep times she goes to sleep usually within 5 minutes but I think she will be more tempted to get out of bed and play at nap times. But i'm up for the challenge. I think it will be the perfect time, this way she is settled into her new  bed well before her baby sister arrives.

So I have been on the hunt for the perfect big girl bedding. I want to stick with my grey, yellow and white color scheme. I actually love Claire's crib bedding so I wanted something similar. Also just like when I was looking for her crib bedding I don't want anything to baby-ish. I want something she can grow with. I looked at Pottery Barn Kids, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target....ect. Found nothing that I loved. Finally I found the perfect bedding at Land of Nod! I has the color scheme I was looking for, would allow her to grow with it but wasn't to adult. What do you think?

The quilt is on back order until mid march but thats perfect timing for when I plan to start Claire's transition. I can't wait to get it and get her room put together. Plus I get her room rearranged with her big girl bed, I can start on the new nursery for the baby.