Sunday, 19 August 2012

Teething Trial & Errors

The last six weeks poor Claire has been battling with the dreaded milestone of teething. Preemies tend to be delayed teething, which was the case for her. I have to admit it was one milestone I didn't mind her being delayed with, I mean teething isn't fun for baby, mom or anyone really. One day around 7 1/2 months my happy baby became inconsolable. Low and behold I look and she has four teeth coming in. As a result I have spent the last six weeks finding what works best for her with controlling the discomfort of teething. Here is what worked for Claire.

Teething rings and lots of them. Rotate them out as they warm up. I prefer the water filled teething rings since they stay colder for much longer than the cold gel kind. But that's a personal preference.

These mesh feeders are great. I sliced up some of Claires favorite fruit like Mango then froze them in a ziplock bag. Once they're frozen you just pull a piece out and put it in a mesh feeder and give it to baby to gnaw on.

Sophie the giraffe. Claire has everything giraffes. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about Sophie but hadn't gotten her one yet. Luckily my sister sent Claire one and she loves it. Aside from being a great toy to chew on she loves when it squeaks which is great for entertainment purposes.

To control discomfort and swelling I used Tylenol. A few friends recommended teething tablets, but they were hit or miss for Claire although several of my friends swear by them for their children. Lastly, which we actually haven't tried yet but a few recommended was an amber teething bracelet or necklace. If you try one out let me know how it works for you and where you bought it. 


Tanya Pogue said...

Awe how cute that she has everything giraffe . she is growing to fast !!