Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Claire Bear is 10 Months Old

I tried but still didn't manage to make this post on the 16th...maybe next time. But another joyous month of my little miracle has passed. She amazes me everyday. She babbles so much now. I hear "bababababa" and "dadadadada" all day long. She's even starting to add "lalalala" to the mix. She gets quicker at her army crawl everyday. She gets everywhere if she's not baby gated in the living room. Her newest mobility trick is pulling herself up on the fireplace. Can't wait to see what she does over the next month.

She likes chasing the cats and petting them, her My Pal Violet, breaking loose into other rooms that don't have baby gates yet and chicken.

She dislikes the cats jumping over the baby gate when she chases them, when mom leaves the room, her reflux and pasta.


Tanya Pogue said...

omg she is so beautiful and love her little blue jean skirt :)
she is getting so big .. and awe how cute that she plays with y'alls pets.
are your cat good to her . im so scared of how my little chihuahua will act when baby gets here.
have you been working on her party decorations ?

Rachel Beer said...

Aww thank you! Yes our cats are really good with her. They even let her pet them for a minute or two which is great since her hands want to grab and not stay open so she ends up pulling their hair or tails sometimes. Once they've had enough they jump up somewhere she can't get them. But she giggles every time she touches them it's so funny.

Decorations are coming along. I finished her "happy birthday" banner and her "I am 1" banner. Pictures to come soon.

Tanya Pogue said...

awe that is so cute :)
omg cant wait to see pictures.