Thursday, 6 September 2012

Claire's 1st Birthday is Approaching

Its hard to believe that Claire's first birthday is quickly approaching. For now i'm excited that she has overcome so much in her first year of life, however I know the closer it gets to her birthday the more emotional i'm going to get.  In the meantime its time to start planning her birthday party. I have been torn on what theme I wanted to go with, I was thinking a fall theme since she has a November birthday but was also thinking a giraffe theme would be great since she has everything giraffe. But I finally decided on a Minnie Mouse theme.

I want her decorations to be personalized and made just for her. I have found a lot of decorating ideas on good ol' pinterest. A lot I could actually just buy off of etsy, but why do that when I am actually very crafty and I can save money doing it myself.  It will take some time to make since I have to work around Claire and things I need to get done at home. The plan is to start working on it now as I have time that way I won't be in a last minute panic the week before her party. Here are some of my inspiration pieces. Now to make a list of supplies I need and get started. Stay tuned to see my final products.

This is the inspiration for the banner I am going to create for Claire

Inspiration for Claire's high chair banner.

And Minnie Mouse ribbon topiary inspiration.


Tanya Pogue said...

Awe its almost her b-day <3 does it seem like time fly by ?
and i love all the decorations , im sure they will look amazing .. cant wait to see pictures of the stuff you make & her party . i hope you post some .