Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Thanksgiving was so much fun this year! I have to admit, last year I was having some baby blues. Claire was born the week before quiet early and she was in the NICU. There is nothing harder than having to be discharged from the hospital and leaving without your baby. But having to spend her first holiday with her in the hospital was an extra sting to the heart. So this year Thanksgiving was a much happier day for me. I feel like it was her "first" Thanksgiving since she was actually home, even if it wasn't.

 We had a nice small Thanksgiving at home this year. Which was nice, no pressure just family and we all enjoyed it. In the morning we watched the parade and after that was over my sister and I went to work in the kitchen and my husband and brother in law went to work on the turkey in the back yard. On our menu was fried turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, rum cake and pumpkin pie. Everything turned out perfect!Only one snafu with a broken thermometer but nothing major. We all enjoy our delicious feast (including Claire). Then spent the evening watching movies.

Our little turkey!

Watching the parade.

Watching daddy and uncle cook the turkey (don't mind the milk face)

Enjoying her feast!


henning love said...

oh my gosh she is just darling!! what a cutie and glad you go to enjoy thanksgiving a bit more this year

Tanya Pogue said...

Awe she is such a cutie pie and always dressed so cute . I'm so happy yall had a wonderful thanksgiving .

katie ridings said...

so cute!! I love her little outfit, that's absolutely adorable!!

Rachel Beer said...

Thanks Ladies! Her outfit came from Cassie's Closet. She has a super cute Christmas outfit from there as well. Stay turned you will see it in her Santa pictures.

katie ridings said...

yay I can't wait to see the Santa pics!! I tagged you in a christmas game going around just for fun if you'd like to do it check out my last post :)