Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Plauge of Sickness

The last two weeks our house has been struck by the Plauge of sickness. First Claire caught a cold. She had a runny nose that turned into a cough. We elevated one side of her crib, cranked up her humidifier and gave her Zarbee's all natural cough syrup and within a few days she was back to normal again. However a day or so into her cold I caught it. It's horrible being sick, pregnant and chasing after a toddler. Just as I was getting over my cold Christian caught some kind of cold.

Now yesterday Claire wasn't feeling to well and had a fever and today as well. Looks like she is just cutting another tooth. But now I'm sick again! Which means Christian had something different from us. I feel miserable. Hopefully I get to feeling better soon. I have another baby appointment tomorrow and I don't want to feel like crap for it.

There you have it, ours last two weeks....ugh!


Our family, two feet at a time said...

Congrats on baby #2! VERY VERY EXCITING! I can hardly wait till we're ready for round 2. Hope you and the fam are feeling back to 100% soon!

katie ridings said...

I don't think i even realized you were prego with baby #2, maybe i did and don't remember. but congrats just in case :) Im sorry you guys are sick, we had the flu like a month ago it was really yucky!! I know there is a really bad stomach ubug sweeping the u.s so i hope no one gets that!!

Rachel Beer said...

Thank You both! I only made one post prior to this one about baby #2 so your not to far behind. We are very excited! Just praying this baby will stay put until its full term.

Claire seems to be feeling better but im still pretty sick with this nasty cold. Luckily no flu here we have all had the flu shot so we should be okay. Just ready to have us all healthy again.

teresweetstyle said...

i hope you are well today honey!