Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Tummy Sensitive Bottles

I researched bottles for weeks before deciding on these. They are one of the most expensive bottles on the market right now, but they are like the BMW of bottles and in my book they are worth every penny. I use the sensitive tummy model of the Tommee Tippee since Claire has severe reflux and excessive spit up doesn't even describe it somedays. But there is a standard non sensitive tummy model.  

  • They come in 5oz and 9oz sizes.
  • For babies with excessive spit up and gas.
  • Vent tube to reduce taking in air during feeding and discomfort after.
  • The vent tube has a color changing heat sensing temperature strip that shows when milk is safe to drink. ( I love this feature, its been great for my husband to know when her bottles are the right temperature.)
  • Vented nipples, the 5oz come with a size 1 and the 9 oz comes with a size 2. 
  • Nipples mimic the natural feel and movement of the breast. Making transition between the breast and bottle easy. (Claire had no problem going between the two.)
  • Wide neck nipple which makes latching easier. 
  • You can buy different flow speed nipples.
  • The shape of the actual bottle makes it easy for baby to learn to hold bottle on their own. 
  • Bottles including the vent tube breaks down completely for cleaning.
  • If you decide on formula or are unable to breastfeed Tommee Tippee makes Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Formula Dispensers that you can pre measure out the formula and the dispenser drops into the bottle for travel. This is a space saver in the diaper bag since you won't have to carry a formula container. 
  • Tommee Tippee also makes an affordable bottle warmer for these bottles.

  • The tummy sensitive bottles have extra parts, which means it takes a bit more time to clean bottles. 
  • Since they are wide neck bottles, depending on the brand of breast pump you may not be able to pump directly into bottles unless you buy the pump converter (not to expensive), or use a Tommee Tippee pump.
  • They are more expensive than other bottles. 


Anonymous said...

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Tanya Pogue said...

so i was wondering do you register for cloths or ppl just get that on there own ?
and thank you so much for the advise for the stretch marks that is what ive been using so far the bee wax , and the lemon scented oil , also coco butter body wash :)

Rachel Beer said...

No don't register for clothes the seasons change so quickly by the time people go to buy it they won't be in the store anymore. Plus most people will by clothes they like anyway.

Tanya Pogue said...

okay thank you so much for the best advise :)

Rachel Beer said...

Thank you! I'm doing my best to keep it updated regularly. Sorry I just saw this comment, blogger marked it as spam. What's your website?